Take Action

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Get Well Plan:

How do we get better as a country?

This is Steve’s Get Well Plan for the United States:

  1. Downsize US Government.
  2. Return power to the States.
  3. Balanced budget by 2018.
  4. Start paying down the debt.
  5. Unleash capitalism.

Take Action Now!

So, what can we do as individual taxpayers. Here are two ways that you can contribute to the solution.

  • Contact Your Representatives — see sample letter
  • Spread the Word with Your Friends and Family

[Following Is A Sample Letter Or E-mail You Can Send To Your Representative:]

Dear Mr./Ms. Representative,

I am angry about the lack of leadership in Washington regarding our fiscal problems. Our national debt is over $16.5 trillion and growing. At this rate it will be over $20 trillion by the end of Mr. Obama’s term as President as the annual deficits of $1 trillion are not truly being addressed. All the discussions about the Sequester, raising taxes, and raising the debt ceiling detract from the core problem: out-of-control government spending. Wasteful spending of taxpayer money is immoral!

Our government officials lack vision on how to solve our fiscal problems and there is no hope that the two parties can come together to save the country. This is not acceptable and needs to change.

I am asking you to represent the interest of hardworking Americans in this matter and to do what you were elected to do–serve the needs of the people. I respectfully ask that if you are not willing to support the tough decisions to save our republic from economic disaster, you step down and let us find someone who is. There is no time left for confusing explanations, excuses, and kicking the can down the road.

Patriotically yours,

John & Jane Overtaxedpayer

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