The purpose of this web site is to bring to the attention of American citizens the dire condition of our US Government’s finances, how it will affect you, and what can be done to fix it. The information here is a simple, straight-forward discussion of the facts, presented in a non-partisan way.

The fact is that our elected representatives in Washington have been mismanaging our country’s finances for many years accumulating a staggering $16.7 trillion in debt — much of it owed to China, Japan and other foreign countries. In 2012, the US Government collected $2.5 trillion in taxes, but spent $3.8 trillion resulting in a deficit (loss) of $1.3 trillion. These deficits go ignored causing the national debt to continue to skyrocket. Currently, Washington is greatly divided and there is no hope that it will balance the budget for at least another 10 years.


• If you anticipate receiving Social Security during your retirement, know that it is in jeopardy of going bankrupt. It is likely that the seniors of today will be taking out more than they put in, and future generations are going to take out less than they put in.

• If you have children, they will be asked to pay down the untenable government debt that has been amassed, negatively impacting their standard of living.

• Your buying power may be greatly reduced as inflation drives up the cost of goods and services.

• If you have savings such as a 401(k), your nest egg could take quite a blow if the stock market crashes, as a result of another big recession or depression.

• If you work for a living, your federal taxes may increase significantly.

• There will be layoffs resulting in higher unemployment.

• If you are dependent on any form of government assistance, you could lose the benefit.


This tragic course-of-out of control spending and deficits needs to get fixed, NOW.

First, read the book OUR GOVERNMENT IS BROKE so that you will have a full appreciation for the depth and breadth of the problem—and more importantly, how it can be FIXED.

Second, contact your elected representatives to let them know you want them to make the bold moves that are necessary to avoid a cataclysmic financial disaster. (You will find out how to do this in the book). Lastly, get serious about taking care of your family to avoid the pitfalls with a bankrupt government.

Photo source: Flickr/waltstoneburner