December 2013 Economic News

The latest economic news for December 2013. Proposed Budget for 2014 Yesterday (December 10th), House Republican Paul Ryan and Senate Democrat Patty Murray proposed a budget bill for 2014 and 2015 . . . {READ MORE!}

November 2013 Economic News

Here are some of the economic news stories that were posted on Facebook in the month of November. November 2 Bad news about Obamacare just keeps coming. Today the business news publication Barrons . . . {READ MORE!}

October 2013 Economic News

Jobs created in September On Tuesday, the Labor Department provided a disappointing report indicating 148,000 jobs were created in September; compared to the consensus estimate of 180,000. It was . . . {READ MORE!}

September 2013 Economic News

September 2013 Economic News Deficits falling. . . President Obama gave a speech at the White House on September 16th that included the following statement: “Our deficits are now falling at the . . . {READ MORE!}

August 2013

Commerce Department releases statistics The Commerce Department released statistics about durable goods orders fell 7.3% in the month of July. (Durable goods are everything from toasters to . . . {READ MORE!}

July 2013

July 2013 The Obama administration decided to delay for one year a requirement that employers provide health insurance to employees. Businesses said the complex reporting requirements that come with . . . {READ MORE!}